Interview with owner of Caribbean Village Cafe, James Bowen

On Location, Social Media Segment at Caribbean Village Cafe this evening. In the heart of Quadra Village, 2646 Quadra St. INTERVIEW with Owner James Bowen:

What you might not know about Caribbean Village Cafe:
1) We’ve been here for over 16 years and we serve real ginger beer slushies.
2) Voted #1 for taste on the Island through Times Colonist’s Meal Deal Tasting Panel.
3) All of our menu items are very affordable with more than 50 savoury meals or treats and sweets. Like spicy chicken, butter chicken, roti, Jamaican Patties, samosas, Callallou soup, Oxtail soup, James’ famous Cinnamon buns… Several vegetarian options are available too and gluten free!
4) Owner James has created most of the recipes from scratch.
5) The ambiance is quaint and welcoming, and we invite people to come enjoy the food and even play some Chess or Scrabble. Check out the evenings picture album.

Caribbean Village Meal


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