Glistening Danishes for All! A Cottage-style Bakery…

A habitual morning stop for many locals, as soon as the sign says open, customers flock in for their daily dose of sweet, savoury, or doughy treats. Popular items ordered range from the ham and cheese croissants to breakfast sandwiches, and fresh bread for breakfast at home.

Named appropriately for its location, tucked away in a cozy basement nook in the heart of Fairfield, at COTTAGE BAKERY & CAFE ‎you can expect the unexpected. Much more than a cafe, the bakery side of the business wins the shining gold star for “best kept secret hideaway to indulge in the most abundant assortment of perfectly decorated sweets, country-style breads, hearty salads, and sandwiches”! Like their hoagie-size éclair for just $3.50 each, a massive cheesecake slice for under $5.00, scones to die for, glistening danishes (a new item), roasted veggie dill salad, chicken avocado wraps for go and so much more. We doubt there is a thing in here that wouldn’t please even the most discerning of palates.

Opened in 2013 by sisters Meleah Witthoeft and Katy Allain, Cottage Bakery Cafe offers inside dining space with a bar-seating area and a couple of tables. For the warmer days and summer months enjoy their 200-square foot West Coast patio. Living in the neighbourhood for years, Meleah says they love the community and being able to offer up their love of baked goods! “My sister and I actually lived two doors down for 8 years. I love the community vibe and most of our returning customers literally live just around the corner or down the street,” Meleah says with a warm nostalgia. “Katy and I have been baking our entire lives so it was a natural fit. I can’t think of anyone I would rather be in business with than my sister. We do well together as partners.”

The next time you are craving something sweet or doughy, come check out Cottage Bakery & Care at 2-1267 Fairfield Rd in Victoria.

Cottage Bakery

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