Shopping Local for your Valentine: A Decision in Love-Fudge

ARTICLE on Next to Nature Trading Co / Beaver House Fudge

Karel and Max Bossi of Next to Nature Trading Co—home of Beaver House Fudge—offer a good sense of humour to their clients and in business. When major highway construction in 2000 threatened to dump all over sales at the Trading Co, they decided to start making fudge to get out to the people.

An internationally-known product, Beaver House Fudge maintains ethical business practices in its production. The chocolate used boasts the finest quality from a small, family-owned Swiss company called Felchlin. The spices are fair trade and organic, and although they still do use artificial flavours and colours, all the ingredients must be high quality. The fudge is only made on demand to ensure the highest standards in freshness. Customers will tell you it’s the best they ever had.

Now drooling over fudge, you probably wonder: Exactly what building at Whippletree Junction to find said fudge, and the Trading Co? Next to Nature Trading Co—the small cabin directly to the left of the big cabin, Pioneer House—carries items made by BC artisans. The dream catchers are from a tribe in Mission and are 100% handmade.

There are also fair-trade items, which include Kyber sweaters made of New Zealand wool, lined with fleece, and some have reflective fiber. These popular sweaters are made fair-trade in Nepal, a great way to help the Nepalese earthquake survivors.

Having a personal interest in health and wellness, the Bossi’s look for gifts with fun and function, including mohair socks for cold feet, locally made pottery and a line of gift cards that just make you laugh. In the 23 years the Bossi’s have been in business, retail has changed phenomenally. When they started in 1992, Walmart was not yet established the way it is today. China as a cheap supplier just started. And so, to be an artisan here in BC was easier as the general public was still willing to pay for Canadian wages. With this in mind, the Trading Co continues to practice ethical decision making in their local buying and they retail items that appeal to local residents.

The next time you drive past, be sure to stop in to say hello and sample some of your favorite fudge.

The Bossi’s remember one humorous episode from a US customer who claimed that: “ your fudge seems to satisfy “all my desires…..”

You can also order their fudge from or have some sent to your friends.

Beaver House Fudge

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