A Musical Review: Cadence Performance Pure Magic Worthy of an Encore

By Deena Kinarthy

Pure Musical Magic are three words I would use to describe the talented and highly entertaining a Capella group Cadence’s performance at St. Aidan’s Church this past Sunday in Victoria. Four men, dressed in classy suits approached the stage with nothing but four microphones, and their voluminous chorus of harmonious voices. As the group members burst out with a harmonious choral intro, we are shortly after introduced by name and by hometown to each group member (all Canadian), and charmed with a bit of audience participation and lighthearted jokes. Right away, Bass singer Kurt Sampson lightheartedly engages the audience, with a bit of call and response and gets audience members waving their arms in the air. Baritone singer David Lane took the lead with the first few songs, demonstrating an incredible quality in his vocals, and swoon-worthy tones. Lucas Marchand (tenor), a local islander, and a crowd favorite, sang lead for Baby I Love Your Way, among other crowd-pleasing tunes, showing incredible range. Ross Lynde (tenor) made an impression with the many instruments his and his fellow singers’ voices produced, among them an epic air saxophone and harmonica. And if you closed your eyes for a moment, and just listened to the group, you could imagine there was a full band onstage, with a half dozen instruments playing together. Using only their vocals, each member mimicked the sounds of violins, trumpets, guitars, saxophones, harmonicas, and more, and they kept a groovy rhythm pulsing underneath with percussion vocals, and beat boxing. But each member of the ensemble complimented and supported each other, and they sounded really amazing together. The group’s live energy and pizazz was infectious. Mixing classic songs from various eras with modern hits throughout the show, my personal favourite moment, was when they jazzed up and choralized Justin Beiber’s Baby, while at the same time imitating the infamous popstar. Sadly, this was their only concert in Victoria this year to-date, but it would be of great benefit to our city to invite them back again soon!

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