12,000 Sandwiches Served in the First 26 Days at Red Barn Oak Bay

The moment the newest and 5th Red Barn market location opened up in Oak Bay the community embraced the change. Voted best sandwich in the city by Best of Victoria earlier in the year, customers began lining up at the deli for their taste of the fresh delectable sandwiches. Over 70+ new jobs were created, with 75% of the staff living in the area. Red Barn Oak Bay has given everyone from high school students and university students looking for work experience, to retired seniors wanting the extra income a chance to join the family. And that’s what the community at Red Barn is focused on-family values and becoming a cornerstone in this vibrant community on the island. As the management team describes, “This is not just a place for hard work, but a place for staff to get to know each other and become part of the family.”

With such a happy, diverse, friendly staff, loyal customers keep coming back daily for the unique products that are locally sourced, locally made, and locally raised. People do their daily grocery trips here, to find fresh local produce, (season pending), enjoy the mouth-watering smoked meats made in their very own smokehouse such as their black label pepperoni, turkey sausages and of course their yummy bacon, find unique products, and all the wide variety of healthy food options. They certainly fill the need for something different in Oak Bay.

Not only has the community in Oak Bay fully embraced the Red Barn market, but Red Barn has embraced the community here by supporting the local Oak Bay high school, becoming a major sponsor for the Oak Bay Half Marathon and contributor to Swiftsure events, and fulfilling other neighborhood needs. Since they opened this past February, all expectations have not only been met but entirely exceeded.

With all the success, looking into the future Red Barn will be opening a new location in the Esquimalt community. “We are looking forward to bringing Red Barn to Esquimalt,” says Russ Benwell, one of Red Barn’s partners. “This is an area of town that we feel is a great fit between both the community and the Red Barn Market. We are excited about the entire offering to the community and we feel that the sandwich program will be a huge draw.”

Red Barn Sandwich

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