How One Local Restaurant Recycles Ingredients Across the Menu

Their newest smoothie, Spice Whirled, made its Jusu menu debut May 5 just two days before we arrived to the Oak Bay Ave location for the weekend’s Health & Wellness Social Media /Photojournalism Segment (we wondered if they did it just for us). Sweetening and spicing up the menu a bit more – if that’s even possible – this lively addition is a complex yet subtle concoction of spice and tropics to awaken the senses and body. Designed for anti-inflammatory purposes, it packs together vanilla, cardamom, mango, turmeric juice, banana, and almond mylk. Sipping on this bad boy on the way to work would be the happy way to go in!

First offering Victoria – known for its fitness and health consciousness – satisfying and nutritious juices and smoothies with its first location on Fisgard in Chinatown in 2014, the community fully embraced the new health bar and food “fuel” options began. Now with two more Victoria locations – Sinclair Rd in Cadboro Bay and Oak Bay Ave plus in the Inner Harbour for summer only, and one at Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, its mark’s being made, in more ways than one.

A low carbon footprint designs its business approach. Savvy use of kitchen and interior design, plus their containers and reuse of ingredients across the juice/smoothie to food “fuel” menu make a significant statement to consumers. The kitchen stores everything they can in glass, all containers are compostable, and the regular juice bottles are recyclable. Of most interest significance, they use the pulps from juicing to make food products. The pulp from the Classic Juice goes into the taco shells in the Classic Tacos. Publisher Elissa Bergman’s favourite of the desserts, The Big-O Cheesecake uses the almond pulp from the almond mylk. Emerald City Juice pulp goes in the Emerald City Dip, and the Hawkeye Juice pulp makes up the Hawkeye Crackers that go with the dip. “Everything comes full circle,” explains Aislinn O’Neill. “If the produce for the food “fuel” menu is close to shelf-end, it will be used beforehand in juicing. All ingredients come full circle, which reduces the overall carbon footprint of the business.” This is just the beginning for their pulp usage and they are using innovation and creativity to see how far we can grow that aspect of the business with the intention of working towards as little waste as possible.

If you haven’t tried Jusu yet, today is the day to stop by any of their locations for a sample. You’ll be sure to fall in love!

513 Fisgard St
2560B Sinclair, Victoria
1965 Oak Bay Ave

Jusu Bar, Victoria’s first cold-press juice bar, offers up satisfying, nutritious juices & smoothies for every lifestyle. Our mission is simple: to educate & empower everyone, no matter their age or background, to live a healthy, vital life. We use 100% organic & non-GMO produce & our innovative team will help you do more than get by – we want you to thrive! Above all, we aim to show that a long, beautiful life is not a luxury, it’s a right.

Jusu Classic Taco

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