Scooping Up Whole Food Eating: The Resurgence Begins with Scoops Natural Foods

Starting with GenerationX and a time when society also found moms going out to work to be acceptable, whole food eating declined as did our health. Ready-made meals became very available as did a quicker approach to meals using canned soups for seasoning, that
good ol’ “tuna – from a can – casserole”, and TV Dinners. Society saw it cheaper and more usual for us to entrust our food to other people’s hands.

Fortunately, in recent years we’ve gained knowledge of the negative impact that chemically processed and nutrient-poor food has on our health. People are now taking control of processing their own food. The rise in allergies and sensitivities (like gluten and dairy), an obesity epidemic, and increasing cases of diabetes in younger people because of starch and sugar often used as a preservative in fast and convenient foods, gives the easy tell-tale sign of the worry. To the defense of the large corporate food companies, processed foods have a long shelf life because so much of the goodness is removed from the foods. However, for health to improve at a societal level, things must change in the home, in education, and decisions when eating out.

Ways People Are Using Whole Foods:

•They are buying bulk foods and eating from the pantry
•Sourcing alternatives for highly processed pastas/rice dishes like black bean pastas or brown rice
•Milling their own grains, which Scoops Natural Foods offers
•Planning meals ahead of time
•Sharing labour intensive processes like canning or gardening with family and friends
•Buying and sharing cultures for cheeses, and sour dough breads
•Learning new cooking methods and taking workshops (many offered through Scoops)
•Using spices and herbs…

…Turmeric being a popular one now with people realizing the health benefits of spices that once were just a pantry staple and flavouring up their whole food meals. A great option for summer, as suggested by Scoops, is cumin with its natural cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.

For whole food items and ideas, Scoops would love to see you and share their knowledge! Located in Whippletree Junction and just 35 minutes from Victoria, drop by to say hi any time!

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