Experience Nothing: How Could Nothing Benefit Your Health?

Imagine floating your mind-chatter away with your body suspended on the soothing Epsom salt water, the lights dim and spa music settling you into a meditative state. Sound relaxing? Of course, but can it possibly be more than just floating in your own salt bath or the ocean?

What some may say as the newest trend in wellness, if you break down the details of the activity, the benefits of the aspects, individually and collectively, are age old remedies for improving many areas of health!

For example, floating and submerging in water aids in stress reduction and is a break from the busy world we live in; as would other wellness modalities like massage or yoga. Epsom and other bath salts help the body detoxify while preventing dehydration. The peace and quiet from the sensory-deprived environment allows for space to meditate and leave behind current worries you may be having. Floating in a float tank for 90 minutes can be compared to 6-8 hours of restful sleep.

Owner of Float House Victoria, Erik Zaremba first learned about floating from cousins Mike & Andy Zaremba who opened Float House in Gastown Vancouver. Skeptical about meditation, float tanks, and sensory deprivation, in the end it was the peacefulness of a float and stress reduction that inspired Erik to continue the practice. Shortly after, he recognized Victoria needed such a facility too. “I have since gotten deeper into meditation and practicing mindfulness on a daily basis”, says Erik. “It really has taught me the importance of being “present” and enjoying the moments you have that are happening now.”

The eleven amazing benefits of floating:

  1. Deep Relaxation Response suppresses the ‘fight or flight’ response while engaging the parasympathetic nervous.
  2. Pain Management for arthritis, back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, bursitis, inflammation, and psychosomatic pain relief.
  3. Increased immune function is enhanced by suppressing stress hormones.
  4. Enhanced healing / rejuvenation / recovery increases circulation to extremities, promotes greater elimination of metabolic by products.
  5. Musculoskeletal Awareness decreases chronic muscle tension.
  6. Stress Resilience and Relief, floating eliminates as much external input as possible.
  7. Behaviour Modification and Introspection brings greater awareness to various patterns of behavior to decrease anxiety, depression, and can also benefit weight loss.
  8. Meditation has a plethora of researched benefits and floating is a unique and phenomenal tool to cultivate mental stillness.
  9. Brain Synchronization and Creativity after settling into the float, research has shown greater hemisphere synchronization.
  10. Visualization and the combination of being extremely relaxed while intensely awake allows techniques of visualization to become very powerful.
  11. Raises Endorphins and the relaxation response it induces flood the body with endorphins drastically improved sleeping abilities.

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