Meet FreshCoast Health Food Bar: A Dialogue on Real Health versus Health Trend Foods

When exactly did the shift take place? With a massive awareness—especially in this city—about eating real health food, switching to whole non-processed foods and honouring what you put in your body, health trends like naturally sweetened soda beverages, low-carb, and pre-packaged quick snacks may find themselves challenged with the muscle of real health food taking over.

Prospectively, the shift coincided with the common acceptance of environmentalism and heightened awareness in every household. Supporting local business and producers meant shifting away from large corporate entities and valuing local farmers and the cottage industry. Canning became cool again regardless of age, as did home-created gifts, and community gardening. Let’s say it began around 2008/9—right—which makes a lot of sense coinciding with the financial crisis at the time, said to be the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression. Throw in the social media revolution over the last decade and rampant information available at youth’s finger tips, the internet generation has so much more information and know-how to marry fitness with healthy eating.

Made easy, especially in BC with our rich growing environment in the Okanagan and Vancouver Island, and surrounding fishing waters, accessing local healthy grocery shouldn’t be difficult. But what about eating healthy whole food, when it needs to be a fast meal to go? With healthy real fast food restaurants on the rise, you’ll find something you love.

FreshCoast Health Food Bar, in particular, offering one of our favourite salads in the city (Nootka Sound) provides very complex meals of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and meats. Their movement began with the question: how do we provide the tastiest food without sacrificing nutrition?

“We start by ensuring every bowl or smoothie offers some sort of nutritional benefit,” explains Jill Van Gyn, Operations Manager at FreshCoast. “Also if we can make life and eating healthy a bit simpler, that is our aim. We include smaller batch producers. K & I juices, Fatso Peanut Butter people can purchase here. We really value our community and our local producers.”

Other local products represented at FreshCoast include Enerchi and Culture kombucha, Tree Island Yogurt in the frozen yogurt, which is grass-fed. The Tree Island Yogurt offers customers a tasty treat that is naturally sweetened and cholesterol-conscious being it’s a grass-fed product. Everything additive-free, you’ll see juice with the three day shelf life, foods to be eaten the same day, and all of the salad dressings and sauces are made there from scratch. The menu gives seafood, meat, vegan, and vegetarian options. Bringing the topic back to environmentalism, this is another major importance of the business design. “We focus on the compostable materials which goes back to the new reality of being environmentally-conscious,” adds Jill.

202-3749 Shelbourne St, Victoria
(778) 265-7785

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