An Obsessively Local Beer: Choose Your Beer This Long Weekend

The Longwood Brew Pub opened their doors in 2000 and with the increased requests for packaged sales to liquor stores and restaurants, the commercial brewery component was created and the Longwood Brewery on Boxwood Road in Nanaimo was born. Harley Smith brewed for the brew pub since its opening and eagerly jumped at the opportunity to open the brewery with his wife Tracy McLean and their dog Milo.
Opening their doors just over three years ago, Longwood Brewery started with four core expertly crafted beers—Berried Alive Raspberry Ale, The Big One IPA, Steam Punk Dunkelweizen and Russian Imperial Stoutnik. Their newest addition, Island Time Lager, continues the tradition of using local ingredients is what they call an “obsessively local beer”. All the ingredients in this craft beer are sourced within 20 km of the brewery. From the local H. Davis Farms that grow the barley, to the local Malthouse J White Malting, to the local Hop Yard Cedar Valley Hop Yards, everything here comes from the island we all love.
“We wanted to create a beer that supports Nanaimo farmers, local businesses and puts the “terroir” in brewing.” says Tracy. Growing the hops and barley in Nanaimo created a uniquely local flavour. The Island Time Lager can be described as a crisp, light, malt-forward Pilsner, well-balanced with a light hop flavour.
If customers are interested in sampling and learning more about the specific ingredients in Longwood Brewery’s craft beer line up, they have a popular tasting room and growler bar for patrons to visit and unwind.
Seeking a true “Island Time” long weekend—just find a hammock and Longwood Brewery’s Island Time Lager. Available at the Longwood Brewery, the Longwood Brew Pub, select restaurants and liquor stores.
Longwood Brewery

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