International “Heal Your Life®” Teacher Training Comes to Canada for First Time:

Victoria Johnson

Local Inspirational Writer Victoria Johnson becomes Canada’s Teacher-Trainer
by Elissa Bergman

As a fellow writer, adventurer, and humanist, it isn’t a wonder that the world found a way to bring us together.

They say we meet people for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Do we call it “the law of attraction” or a similar vibrational wave, or the universe just bringing two souls together? Is life intentional or coincidence? Perhaps respectfully enough we leave that to be determined by the eye of the beholder. At this point in my life, I don’t know that I have the answer now or ever will; however I’ve come to learn that I do know this: leaning in toward others and projects with love and the most helpful intention seems to be the way for the most soulful connection with self and others.

Did I know at the time of meeting Victoria Johnson—now a Western Canadian inspirational writer/speaker, coach, and teacher with Heal Your Life Trademarked Programs—that our meeting through our “then” partners would surpass those unions. My path at the time seemed headed toward marriage and kids in a toxic relationship that I had been in denial about for some time, and growing a business with Victoria’s husband. A far cry different now six years later as I became owner and publisher of a Vancouver Island-based magazine, Almost Free Magazine where Victoria is a columnist; and for my love of entrepreneurship a partner in many start-ups while still doing marketing and advertising consulting on the side. While I try my best to live a health-focused life with lots of love, openness, passion, and personal growth, balance can definitely be a struggle. Life balance seems to be one of those things that Victoria masters and I have a feeling it is this that allows her to do so much.

She and I instantly hit it off when introduced. What struck me at the time was the compassion I felt, and the love that radiated through her voice. I felt listened to, appreciated, acknowledged, loved, and supported. Here was someone who was excited for who I was and my potential – and someone who had a true yearning to get to know my heart, soul, dreams, and goals. I could tell there lay a deep life experience I would eventually learn. I eventually did learn her life story and discovered her rich background experience in economics, public relations, entrepreneurship, and social media. Throughout the years we always found ways to connect, and re-connect, engage each other in potential collaboration, and stay in each others lives. So for that I am so grateful to the universe.

To my very good friend and a beautiful soul, Victoria Johnson, CONGRATULATIONS on transitioning to founding Heal Your Life® Canada and Editor of Heal Your Life’s worldwide “Good News” Magazine. Now in 74 countries and 42 states, Heal Your Life Trademarked Programs are the only program authorized by Hay House Publishing and approved by owner Louise Hay herself – the world’s largest inspirational publisher. There is a real need for teachers in Canada.

JOIN Victoria Johnson for a once in a lifetime workshop with Dr. Patricia Crane as Patricia does her only teacher training workshop in Canada,  and passes the light on to Victoria.

May 27 – June 3
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

*Register by February 28 and receive $400 in savings.
**Tuition includes all accommodations and most dinners.

Become a Workshop Teacher!  Take the Advanced training to become a certified coach!

Help yourself by helping others!

Now you can become certified and licensed as a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and/or Life Coach through a program that is not only authorized by Hay House but also approved by Louise Hay herself!

Learn how to assist others in their growth while enhancing your own personal growth. Spend one or two of the most incredible weeks of your life with an amazing group of people who are all committed to bringing positive changes to the world!

~Thank you for spending this time with me to celebrate Victoria. Stay tuned for my next article on “Opening the Heart”, my upcoming series on “His & Her Intimate Voices” and all of my writing on health and wellness, food, travel, and relationships.

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